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Youth Day

youth day 2012

Youth Day is a day of national importance in South Africa. It marks the rising up of the youth against the apartheid education system, culminating in a mass protest march on June 16 1976. The bravery of the youth that day was a vital ingredient in the successful movement against apartheid and the effects of their actions are still widely admired. This all took place just a stone’s throw from Jozi, in the township of Soweto. This year, the day is marked by several events, mostly linked to entertainment rather than history. These include the Concert at Mofolo Park, Soweto, and the Uprising Party at Bassline. There are also innovative, social events planned, such as Cheesekids’ for Humanity’s Youth Day March, where                  


The Market Theatre

The Market Theatre

The Market Theatre is a survivor. Right from its inception and powerful anti-apartheid connotations, it has lived through the economic decline of the inner city, its own financial troubles and fluctuating audiences. All hardships aside, what remains is a world-renowned institution, just a stone’s throw from the CBD. The shows that take place at the Market’s three main stages are mostly locally-produced, South African stories. Like the theatre itself, many of these productions transcend generations, memories and years of evolving South African history. Currently showing at the theatre are the two musical shows, The Sibikwa Indigenous Orchestra (running till June 16) and Kwela Bafana (finishing June 24), as well as the                  

Beer & Breweries

The SAB World of Beer

The SAB World of Beer

Testament to a famous liquid Technology is a man-made wonder. We have gone from caves to Airbus A380s in the blink of an eye and are now able to follow these and other events on miniscule cell phones and designer computers. What’s more interesting is that a simple, bubbly, alcoholic drink has trumped them all. Beer has been in existence since our inception and is sure to be there at the very end. To celebrate all things fermented and refreshing in Joburg, a visit to the SAB World of Beer is mandatory. The SAB World of Beer is positioned in the Newtown Cultural Precinct, adding its own yeasty flavour to this colourful region of the city. Inside its red-bricked walls is an exciting showcase of the                  



soweto township

   An unrivalled, urban adventure One of the main elements that creates the unique, thriving experience we call Joburg is Soweto. This township appeared on the landscape in the 1930s and although having initially been formed under the apartheid regime, has defied all labels and historical connotations and become a city in its own right. It is a place that is full of stories, pictures, culture and life and, quite simply, has to be visited when in town. Soweto contains some of the most prominent historical links to our country’s apartheid past. Visits to the Hector Pieterson Museum, Vilakazi Street (still proudly the only street in the world on which two Nobel Peace Prize winners have lived) and Regina Mundi