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A superb music and photography website

Music and photography have a unique relationship.  You need only glance at famous snaps of everyone from Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Madonna to Miles Davis, Leonard Bernstein and Jay-Z to recognise the powerful link between the two.  Evident Noise is a brand new website that honours this relationship in a new and exciting way. 

Evident Noise presents a slick, engaging and easy-to-use website on which a wide selection of genres and styles from both the music and photography worlds is presented.  It also includes music reviews and interviews with bands and artists.  Unlike many other sites of a similar nature, Evident Noise does not only review established bands and photographers, but also features up-and-coming, unsigned artists.

If you are intereted in having your work featured on Evident Noise, for musicians, all that is required is to contact the site and include any download links necessary and a small bio in your correspondence.  For  photographers, simply send 4 photos, as well as any links to websites on which your material has been featured.

Evident Noise is definitely worth a look for all people inclined towards both photography and music.  We strongly suggest having a look. 


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