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liz at lancaster B&B

Liz Delmont is a lady who, in many ways, personifies the cultural and professional world of Johannesburg. Not only is she an art historian, cultural practitioner, academic and university lecturer; she also runs and owns a successful bed and breakfast in the suburbs of the city.

The story of her B&B, Liz at Lancaster, can be traced back to a conference in Chicago in the 1990s. The event was hosted by the city’s North Western University and attended by many of the world’s top artists and art historians. Liz fondly remembers staying in one of many B&B’s situated nearby, run by local parents whose grown-up children had left home.

This B&B culture left such a mark on Liz that she decided to open her own establishment back in Joburg and, in 1994, Liz at Lancaster was born. The B&B opened in much the same way as its relatives in Chicago- with only one room.  In the years that followed, this grew quickly to 7 units, incorporating standard rooms, flatlets and cottages. The rapid growth suprised Liz, leading her to joke that, had she known, she would have given her B&B a much grander name.

Liz Delmont is one of the precious few academics who chooses to keep her finger on the pulse of the city, rather than languish in an office or lecture hall. She is an avid social networker (facebook and twitter) and blogger, a welcoming host and a fountain of knowledge when it comes to anything to do with the city of Joburg. 

The next time you are in town, we strongly suggest staying at Liz at Lancaster. Contact Liz now for more information.

liz at lancaster B&B

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