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A cut above the rest

Finding the right hairdresser is like looking for the ideal romantic partner. You need to be able to trust them with your life and to feel at total ease in their presence. This is exactly what can be expected when taking your hair on a visit to Sculpt Hair.

Haircuts have become fairly complex events. Over and above serving their aesthetic function, salons have grown to incorporate beauty, relaxation, health treatments and makeup and makeover services. In a busy city, they are places that offer a regular space to breathe and share a friendly chat with a skilled, scissor-wielding artist. 

With so many hairdressers in and around Joburg, it is difficult to find one that stands apart from the rest. This is because, in many cases, hairdressing is considered to be one of those jobs that people tend to fall into as a last resort. This fact angers Sculpt owner and chief hairdresser Jana du Plessis, whose salon is proudly rooted in experitse, creativity, passion and good service.

If your hair has had bad experiences and is stlil in the hunt for that missing other half, Sculpt Hair could very well be the answer. The salon does not discriminate, making both men and women, brides and grooms and clients, both young and old, leave their Parkhurst premises feeling- and looking- like new people.

Contact them now to make an appointment and see for yourself.

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