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The Johannesburg Crime Museum


The Johannesburg Crime Museum

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Residents of Johannesburg do not deny the city’s infamous crime rate, but live in the understanding that it is a way of life in any urban metropolis.  In some bizarre way, the city’s criminal activities have actually become a central aspect of its international identity and one of the essential ingredients that make Joburg, well, Joburg.  Cape Town has the mountain, Pretoria, the Union Buildings, and Jozi has the money and the crime. 

The Johanneburg Crime Museum is an institution that pays tribute to all manner of crime in the city, right from its humble beginnings to the present day.  Inside its double-thick walls, the museum presents everything from jaywalking, smash and grabbing and loitering to armed robbery, fraud, trespassing and murder.  With outstanding, interactive and photographic exhibits, you get the chance to get an inside look at the structures of organised crime, petty theft operations as well as the methods used to combat them.  There is even a prison exhibit, where visitors are invited to beat the current record in the solitary confinement cell- the winner gets a cash prize!

The site also offers excellent conferencing facilities.  The Corruption Room is a popular choice, hosting many private parties, while the Justice Coffee Shop boasts some of the best service in town.

Crime in Joburg needs to be discussed and confronted openly by both its residents and visitors.  This is exactly what the Johannesburg Crime Museum promotes.  Go there today- it’s better than going to jail. 

The Johannesburg Crime Musuem


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