Adapt or Fly


Pieter Dirk Uys Adapt or Fly

Our favourite cross-dressing satirist is back

Pieter Dirk Uys needs no introduction.  All that can be said is that at any given opportunity he needs to be seen, listened to and experienced.  This time around, this satirical master is presenting his latest one-man show, Adapt or Fly, at The Joburg Theatre from April 7-29.

The body of work created by South Africa’s favourite political satirist, author, activist and serial cross dresser is a much loved, national treasure.  Pieter Dirk Uys has the uncanny ability to traverse the boundaries between entertainment and serious debate with appar- a balance that for many decades has resulted in powerful and memorable performances.

Adapt or Fly follows on from Dirk Uys’ 1981, anti-apartheid-themed Adapt or Dye. Although the characters both on stage and in the political arena have changed somewhat since the 1980s, Dirk Uys continues in the latest edition to find humorous, bitingly honest and truthful insights into the current political regime and to expose its shortcomings in the way he knows best- through his unique comic style.

Adapt or Fly promises- as usual- to be a Dirk Uys tour de force, presenting powerful, raw and entertaining material, with a healthy dose of reality, for all who watch it. 

Adapt or Fly

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