The SAA Museum



Visit the celebrities of the sky…on the ground

In this modern, technological age we pretend to be underwhelmed when massive airplanes fly overhead.  This said, we cannot deny that magical moment we experience when looking in awe skywards and asking that pressing question “how do they even get off the ground in the first place?”  At the South African Airways Museum at Rand Airport, Germiston, you have the chance to find out by getting up close and personal with these unbelievable machines.

The collection on show is staggering, with 12 vintage aircraft from SAA’s proud history on show, as well as an adjacent hangar that houses all kinds of fascinating memorabilia.  The crown jewels are surely the two retired Boeing 747s, Maluti and Lebombo.  Each of these old ladies of the sky has formed part of aviation folklore for many years.  After all, it is Lebombo that flew over the Rugby World Cup Final in 1995 with the words ‘Good Luck Bokke!’ painted on the underside of her fuselage.  Not only is this phenomenal museum piece on display, you are encouraged to climb in, on and under her as well as to explore her interior- even to sit in Nelson Mandela’s favourite seat!

The SAA Museum is another hidden gem in Johannesburg.  There are precious few places in the world that invite you to get this close to any aircraft, let alone interact with them in such a personal way.  This results in an unforgettable experience for all who visit the museum, regardless of age and aviation knowledge.

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